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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lessons In The Night

This week has been absolutely horrid! I'm not going into any details, nor will any be provided upon request. Suffice it to say that this week, my world has been completely shaken up. I've been asking the usual questions, about why all this is happening, and spending a good deal of time in tears. In the midst of this, I was reminded of how God "comforts us in all our affliction" (2 Cor 1:4a, ESV). I know God is more apparent in our trials than when things are going well. I have probably prayed more in this last week than I have over the past year. Through this trial, I have discovered a few things. first, trials are an opportunity to either distance ourselves from God, or run to Him. Second, trials are an opportunity to either give up, or to have our resolve strengthened. Finally, trials remind us of what is needed, as opposed to what is wanted. Though I am still in the midst of this trial, I can see a deeper reliance upon God's grace, a strengthened determination, as well as what is really important in life. continued prayers are appreciated, as I will be praying through this time as well.