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Saturday, September 4, 2010

One Piece at a Time

Many years ago, Johnny Cash had a song called "One Piece ata Time." It tells the story of an auto worker who devises a plan to build his own Cadillac by smuggling parts to his garage. After many years, when he gets around to building his "dream car," he discovers that the parts are not fitting together as he had hoped. By the time he finishes and drives his car downtown, people are looking at him and laughing.
We may laugh at this poor fool's mishap, but we may do similar mistakes in striving for our long-term goals. We think we have worked toward achieving our career goal, and then find out that there was more involved with this career than we thought. You are getting ready to graduate from college, only to find the job market for your major dry up.
These are not examples of poorly thought out goals. But our long-term goals must have some degree of flexibility. Before you set out on a career path, do the research, and see if there is an area in that field that would be better suited for you. As you work on your degree, see how many career fields line up with your major.
Remember, goals should not be set in stone, but rather with pencil. That way they are written, but not permanantly.

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Krickettlady said...

I think it's important to have your goals. Your big goals, dream big. God is a big God. But pray, pray, pray. And be ready, like you said, to put them in pencil. Evaluate and change as necessary, always striving towards that big goal. Just remember that God takes everything and works it for His purpose. Sometimes we don't know everything He does, but He knows.