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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spritual Fitness

Many people who know me know I've started on an exercise program called P90X. It combines intense workouts with a balanced diet. As I am going through this rigorous exercise regimen, it reminded me of something Steve Farrar wrote in his book, Point Man. Steve states how prayer is a lot like exercise. When we exercise, we plan when we will exercise, where we will exercise, what exercises will be done, making sure the exercises are being done correctly, and accountability.  This is almost identical to what we do when we pray. We need to carve out a block of time to pray. In other words, we need to prioritize prayer. We needs to have certain place where we pray. I'm not going to give a certain place, but place that is quiet where you can focus on God is essential. you need to have a prayer list. This allows you to focus your prayer, and not let your mind wander. We need to be utilizing Scripture, so we know we are praying within God's Will. You also need to be accountable for this, as any true change can only come if you know someone is pushing you along, as a trainer would in exercise.
Prayer is essential in the growth of a Christian. As we pray for God to work in our lives and the lives of others, it develops our spiritual muscles. We are strengthened to do the work He has called us to do.

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