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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Necessity of Rest

There are times when you just need to relax. There needs to be times when you need to set aside time to just rest. Goals are important. We need to work to achieve them. But we also need to have the strength to strive for them. This is where rest comes in. Relaxation is possibly the most important aspect of achieving goals. You cannot achieve your goals if you do not have the strength to run for the finish line.
As I'm working on my degree, I have to keep reminding myself that spending 8 straight hours studying for a final or hammering out a term paper is much less productive than punctuating that study or writing with times away from your work. Taking time to play a video game with my kids. Going fishing. Enjoying some time alone with my wife. Getting together to have some coffee with an old friend.
My wife is a stay-at-home mom who homeschools our children. There are times when she just wants to be alone in our room to watch Dr. Phil or take a nap. That's how she recharges her batteries
It does not really matter how you relax. Some people get recharged by spending time with others, while others require times of solitude. What matters is you take time away and just relax.

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