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Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Life Of Adventure

As men, we were meant for adventure. Some of you may be wondering what I mean by adventure. Do I mean we need to strap on a bullwhip and risk life and limb in our hunt for ancient treasure, like Indiana Jones? Should we go out on a quest to do a seemingly impossible task with a few friends, like Frodo? Do we lead a ragtag group of rebels against a mighty army, like William Wallace?
The answer to all these questions is no, these are not necessary to have an adventure. An adventure is any task that causes you to step away from what you know and are comfortable with, and causes you to take a risk. This risk may be a physical one, such as learning rock climbing (on my Bucket List). It may be personal, such as starting a friendship with someone who is currently just an associate. It may be intellectual risk, such as finally finishing up the degree you started so many years before. It may be psychological risk, such as confronting a past abuser. It may be a spiritual risk, such as explaining to a friend their need for God's grace. No matter what the adventure, there is some level of risk involved.
Why is risk essential in an adventure? Without the risk, you will not be changed. When going through an adventure, it changes you. You come out the other end a different person. You overcome that nagging fear. You widen your horizons by finding a fellow traveller. You accomplish that goal that everyone said was just pointless. You are able to move beyond the past, and look to the future with a renewed sense of vision. Adventure is not a goal. Adventure is an important part of the journey to our destination of restoration.

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