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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tea Party

Yesterday I attended my first "tea party." No, I wasn't sipping Earl Grey with my pinky daintily raised. This tea party was a protest of what is happening in our country. It was a protest of how the federal government is taking over areas of our free market system. It was a protest of the outlandish spending the current administration seems to be addicted to. It was a protest of the undermining of our Constitution and Declaraction of Independence. It was a protest of the way Washington has given power to unelected, unconfonfirmed, unaccountable czars. As radio host Jim Quinn has stated, "we now have more czars than a Romanov wedding!" It was a protest of our path toward socialism.
This gathering was a statement. A statement of "no more!" No more unbridled spending. No more goverment takeovers of industry. No more trampling our founding principles. No more power to the unaccountable. No more socialism. It is time we remind those we send to Washington that they work for us. It is time to remind them that it is our money they are throwing around like confetti. It is time to remind those inside the Beltway that this is still a government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, and for the PEOPLE! It time time for WE THE PEOPLE stand up for America, and stop its slide into socialism.

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