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Friday, May 22, 2009

Follow your passions

Several books I've been reading lately have been reiterating the idea that success comes by following your passions. And by success, I am not just talking about dollars. I mean having a career where you are able to do what drives you. I used to work with a man who has an incredible talent with an airbrush. He would come into work each day, and his favorite topic would be the latest project he was undertaking, whether it was airbrushing a t-shirt, pinstriping a car, or designing a sign or logo for a business. Everyone who knew him knew what his passion was. There were a few times I would ask him why he was wasting his time in a factory when he has such an obvious talent. He would tell me that he has to pay the bills somehow. He saw his "real job" as a way of supporting his family, and of supporting his passion. He has a website called, where he displayed his work for others to see.
I have another friend who is folowing his passion. He is the worship pastor at our church, and anyone who attends our church can tell he is passionate about leading people in praising Jesus. He is also following his passion in another way. He has started a website called, where worship pastors are able to share the music they have written so others can use their songs in other congregations.
Both of these men are following their passions. Each in their own way, they are successful. I am encouraging you to be a success by following your passions. In his Financial Peace University tape set, Dave Ramsey reimnds us that if you are doing what you love, "you have a vacation for a vocation."

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