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Monday, May 18, 2009

thoughts on car repair...

We just got a repair quote from our mechanic. While I won't be telling yoy how much it will cost, I will tell you that it was quite discouraging, especially when you are trying to establish some savings. But as I got to thinking about it, I cam e to realize that we won't have to put this amount on a credit card. We won't have to ask anyone to borrow money to get the van fixed. We actually have the money to fix the car. We may only have $50 in the bank, but we are getting this done DEBT-FREE! A year ago, I couldn't even dream about this happening! And here we are, with a van getting fixed and not going into debt to get it done! How good is that?

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Steve - said...

Good for you man, debt free. I recently got a quote from a mechanic for $910 plus tax. When I found a new mechanic, he did the job for $134 bucks. I've got his name and number if you want it.